Here are some of my old rally incars. They were downloaded ten years ago with very poor packaging programs. The quality is extremely poor, so you just should keep the picture small to see atleast something. I will try to download them again in better quality.

This is a Finnish F-Cup series rally, the stages are driven blind. Im trying to push real hard.


The same F-Cup series rally, we were dropped to fifth or so in fourty cars class. We really needed better position to get better points for series. It didnt go as planned.


F-Cup series rally, just another set of curves.


The same F-Cup rally, but a bit faster stage, speed is between 110-140km/h.

This was a difficult stage, we had a lot of problems with the main power switch. In the end of the film you can hear how the power goes off.

We were lucky to win the class in this rally. It was driven in the home village of Ari Vatanen. And he was also giving the trophys with handshakes! This clip is from the last stage where we were dropped five seconds behind the class leading team. We knew that there are some dangerous jumps which were warned. We thought that everybody else will lift the gaspedal or even break there. So, we wouldnt do that, full throttle! And it really flew high and long. We lost the front shocks, both were bent and leaking after these jumps..

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