Suspension and brakes

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20141117_073633 20141117_073640 20141117_073750

Antirollbar linkages. Now I need the antiroll bars…

20141203_205031(1) Rear tierod sphericals. 12×1.5mm thread and 10mm hole in the ball.

20141203_233341 20141203_205019 20141203_233345 Front TCA sphericals, 14×1.5mm thread and 12mm hole in the ball.

20141203_204618 20141203_204613 20141203_204604

Black passivated front suspension stuff.



I made a pair of front TCAs for a friend. Pretty nice.

20141003_114926 20141003_114933 20141003_115148

The rear toearm hubside joint was impossible to find. So, I ordered a custom batch from a factory. I have quite a lot of these, so just let me know if you need some.

20140708_180857 20140708_180915 20140708_180934 20140708_181007 20140708_181032 20140708_181050 20140712_152040 20140712_152055 20140712_152101 20140712_152110

I made some rear TCAs. Pretty nice, I think. Welding quality is getting better with new Kemppi inverter MAG which I loaned from my brother for testing.


I made some Stradale reaction bar brackets for a friends project. I made some more, so if you need them, just mail me.

20140610_163428 20140610_163437

I also made new steering arms.



My friend loaned this for a sample. I have one pair of front struts but somebody has modified them. Now, after I got these, I can see that I have two length of struts… The ones I had allready seem to be for long suspension travel versions, and the ones I got now are for the normal suspension travel. The long ones are made for Safari/Acropolis cars, but they were used in Finland on gravel rallies too. So there are both parts lying around here. The spring top perch is weird, propably made in Finland.



I made some new rear toe arms. Theyr made from CroMo and tig welded together.

20140517_140526 20140517_140604


Its not this quiet in this area as it may look.

20140214_104212 20140214_104222 20140214_104229 I had a Italian made rear suspension middle bracket. It wasnt like I want it, so I made my own. This should be 99% correct shape.

20140205_172857 Complete reaction bar setup, with all correct bushes to mount it to TCA and to front bracket.


Quite slow progress on this section. But finally I have something done. I have some new ex-works brakeparts.

20131121_094939 20131121_094944

Pair of handbrake calipers.

20131121_095115 Rear brake caliper.


Some new parts arrived.

031  037 033 036

Complete differential front carrier setup, rear suspension middle bracket, g.4 front reaction bar brackets, rear suspension front brackets.

 032 038039041

Diff front carrier, rear lower arm complete setup, g.4 lower arm.

I think the diff front carrier is a replica, the mounting brackets for it are propably from a Stradale. Rear main arms are original g.4, the mounting brackets are propably replicas. But, replicas or not, they will do just fine! The front reaction arm brackets are original g.4.  Now I have everything for suspension, except rear struts and hubs. Though, I have a deal for them too.  I do have one Stradale hub.


Here is some pics of the reinforced g.4 style steering rack brackets. I made couple of pairs in the same time, so if you need these, contact me.

006 008


I drew another part with CAD. I must make some rear disc brake brackets for a friend. These are for stiff axle used in 124/125/131/132.  For 131 you install these between bearing and halfshaft. Then you can bolt almost any Fiat caliper adapter and the 124/125/131/132 rear calipers. Also the Integrale calipers look the same. These seem to be pretty difficult to find. So, I will make a big bunch of these. First they will lasercut, then CNC machined. If your interested contact me. This is the original. The part will be exactly like this, except the numbers and all surfaces are smooth.

001 003


015 (10)

This is a g.4 front strut. Somebody has modified the mounting to fit it in std 131 hub. I need to grind it away. Otherwise the pair  is pretty nice and smooth.

I also drew CAD pictures of the front reaction bar front bracket. I need to make some spares. I have one works part as sample, and I will get pair for my car. But, you should have spares when your racing.


I finished early version of hydraulic handbrake for a friend. Im goint to use late type myself. If someone need these, I have three more. I dont have the cylinders though. Sheetmetal parts are lasercut, aluminum bushes are aircraft quality. If you compare it to original you cant find differences!

001 004

005 006


I made a sample of steering mounting brackets. G.4 brackets were based on a std part, but had strengthened by welding two pieces on the sides. The one on right is works part I loaned from a friend. The left one is made by me.  I need to improve the welding, its difficult to weld this long curve.

005 007


Selection of the wheels I have at the moment.

030 029

From left, 5,5×15 one piece Chromodoras, two piece 5,5×15, and two piece 11×15. I have enough of those narrow wheels, but not enough of those wide wheels. I still need front wheels for tarmac. And need to refurbish all those wheels.


Hardware to top mount, they are upside down as you see.

001 003 005 007

These are front steering arms, the other is works, the other is a replica made from CroMo.

001  002

Just got a rear hub for a Abarth stradale, its brand new. The small stuff are from front reactionbar mounting. Bunch of a reaction bars, they havent been bent yet, sample beside them.

001 018 015


026 Front hub number, after media blasting



Im still missing a lot of parts to this section. Though, I do have some, and many parts are coming. The one thing I do have is front hubs. They are the last heavy duty g.4 versions.

016  018 017

Theyr pretty rough looking in these pictures. I did mediablast them, but couldnt find where the pictures were. You can see the Abarth text on the steering arm. The aluminum cup was really stuck, I did all tricks I could figure out. The last thing, and it worked also, was to make a larger thread in the middle and screw a long bolt in to it. When it bottommed to the flange, it popped the aluminum off. What the aluminum is? The Halda Tripmaster sender was screwed there, it can be seen from some works pictures how the cable goes there.


I do have these brakediscs to front hubs. Theyr pretty worn, can be used as a spare discs for sure. I blast them clean and will send to disc mill to make them straight. One of them is going at UK, it will be copied and Im going to get some new discs later this year.

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