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Im not producing g.4 style pedalboxes. Waiting to get the balance bars from CNC machinery. Ordered them two months ago…

Im also drawing parts for the late type g.4 handbrake handle. Will have them done in few weeks I hope.

This is old style handbrake which I have done to some people. And I will use it myself too, this version is used when you have two calipers at rear. Actual brakes and handbrake calipers.

handbrake (8) handbrake (7) handbrake (5) handbrake (3) handbrake (1)

This is adjustable pedalbox I made to my friends rallycar. Its not g.4 spec. G.4 didnt have adjustable pedalboxes = not adjsutable biasbar in them.

20131115_102844 20131115_102834 20131115_102824 20131115_102811 20131115_102804