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Some updates to here too. I found NOS pressure pumps. Also bought new Facet Red Tops as lifting pumps.

20141127_104434 Facet Red Tops

20150110_102930 20150110_102922

NOS pressure pump

For making the fuel swirl pot I modified my old brake line pressing tool. Now I can make the 8mm pipes with right shape.

20141226_105611 20141226_105630 20141226_105823 20141226_105742 20141226_105723 20141226_110013


Got a clutch disk. Its ex-works, form dealer team old cars. I have pressure plate too, all I need is flywheel.

These g.4 cam pulleys are just loaned to me, so I can have them copied in CNC.



I forgot to put a picture of this, its a original alternator bracket, ex-works. I made some copies too if your interested.

20140101_181921 20140101_181932

What a find! I found a brand new drysump pump… It was with most of the hose joiners and both pumps. Some smaller stuff are missing, like oilpressure valve and mounting studs for pumps.

20140328_233216 20140328_233221

Here are some pulleys I was missing, from left drysump, auxiliary shaft 2nd pulley and crankshaft 2nd pulley. All Im missing now are the camshaft pulleys.


Here is my block, starting to look like right. Practicly I have all but the pistons now. Oh, I dont have the flywheel, but that isnt a big problem.


On left is my g.4 starter, it doesnt have internal parts, and seems its difficult to find themissing parts. So, I got a refurbished 2.0TC starter, its Magneti Marelli too, as is the race starter. Huge difference in size.



I was reading my old Abarth team papers. I found the spare part number for g.4 starter, and the starter I found week ago, is a g.4 starter! What a find, now I need to find rest of the parts for it to actually put in to my car.


20131121_095045 g.4 waterpump with g.4 pulley20131121_095245 Breather hoses, wherethe oil/air separator lets the oil drain down to oil sump. If I remember correctly, the thinner hose might go to Kugelfisher pump.

20131121_100125 Im not sure if this is g.4 starter, I hope it is.  20131121_100454 This is quite weird looking clutch, the core and the pressure plate are bolted to each other. Usually they are riveted. Im not sure if these are g.4 or not.

20131121_101638 I found brand new distributor  hole plug holder

20131121_102309 Ex-works exhaust. In pretty nice condition. The first 20cm is pretty rough and repair welded and needs to be repaired.


This happened months ago, but I didnt update it to the page. Ive got some new camshafts. These are the 230hp spec g.4 cams.

20130830_112132 20130830_112135 20130830_112139 20130831_161033 20130831_161038 20130831_161044 20130831_161050 20130831_161054


Its so long way to have some parts made. Especially if you want them to be exactly correct. Ok, here you can see how it goes. First I had a sample bracket. I made CAD pictures and had them laser cut. The small bushes were made in lathe.

043 (5)

To make the other side of the bracket I couldnt bend them correctly. All I could figure out, was to have correct pressings made. Its almost ridiculous, but what can you do if you must have them correct? The right picture show the pressings, pressed part and works part on bottom.

447 446

Then torch in to hand and some brazing. On left you can see works part and on right part made by me. Its so close that its really difficult to say its not original.

454 455

I also got the slides and pull rods from anodizing.

341 (2)

I had two slideplates under service. This one got new pull rod, new slide, new spring brackets and was fitted so it actually works.

429 430

The securing wires are the style works team used them.

431 432 433

This spring bracket is made by me.


The rampipes are not exactly the works style, but they came with the guillotines, as the rampipe pressing pieces.


The second one is almost the same but it has a lot more parts made by me. The turning shaft with its levers on left, the pull rod, the rampipe holding pieces, the spring brackets etc etc are my work.

436 437

Here are some new parts. The kugelfischer pump rear mounting brackets are in the first pictures. The one behind them all is original g.4 ex. Autonovo, but it has been drilled to some odd modification that I had the same made without the extra holes.

The second picture has the fuel pump block plates and rear water channel block plates. All are made from aircraft quality aluminum. I have some spares if you need them.

448 449

Here the block plates are bolted.

450 451


I got this Rimac gas torch with a cyclone burner. I needed to braze those guillotine levers as factory did. To minimize the gas usage I preheated all parts on small cottage stove, it heats them up to 400C . Then it was pretty easy to braze the parts together. After brazing I media blasted the parts. The last picture show the test assembled guillotine lever axle.

001 002 003

004 005 006


Finally… I ordered these bearings months ago. It took really long time to get these, but finally these are here. Now I miss only the fiberglass rampipes from the complete guillotine system.



Its always small xmas when the post brings new package of toys. Today santa brought me g.4 drysump oilpan. Its a replica, but it will do the thing. I checked and it need a bit of grinding to fit. The rear end hits the main bearing cap a bit, nothing bad though.

008 010


I took the block I have, bolted it to the engine bench and washed it. Its pretty nice. Hardly no rust and almost completely in original paint. It had been decked, and had kinda flame ring grooves. I should take pics. It also has only small step in the bore. I think it will be just fine after new pistons. It has also crank, I should take it away to be crack checked.


This is the picture of a refurbished 65Ah alternator. I do have the toothed pulley, but I loaned it for a friend.



If Im  correct, the bellhousing was the same aluminum housing as the Racing and such had also. There was a different homologated just before team stopped rallying with 131, I believe its magnesium. But, its difficult to find, I have never seen one.   014 013So, I took one of those Racing bellhousings, and blasted with glass. After blasting I sprayed it with clear lack.


I dont have original works slideplate throttle body. You know, the guillotine type. But I do have a copy castings, theyr on machine shop in UK now. I drew a lot of drawings of the small bits based on a works guillotine I loaned from a friend. Today I finally got some of those parts. I also got some laser cut parts at last week, here are some pictures of those.

Here are works parts from a sample manifold on left, and on the right are the copies.

031 014 045


044 043 006

Parts need a bit of finishing, and the levers need to be welded together. I do have practicly all parts now, except the manifold itself.

003 This is a copy set of rampipes, the originals are on right. After this I did find a works set for my guillotine. So I didnt need to use these copies after all.


This is the Kugelfischer pump I have. The fuel pipes are made for the straight rampipes, which I dont have.

064 065  074 078 – Kopio The Injectors are the correct ones. I need to find a place where I can have them cleaned and tested.

This isnt correct alternator. The pulley is works alternator pulley though. I do have a 65Ah alternator which have been rebuild and glass blasted.



The engine will be complete g.4 engine with 16v cylinderhead, Kugelfischer injection and drysump. At the moment I do have Kugelfischer injectionpump with pulley, injectors with fuellines and mounting plate, block, crank, alternator and pulley. The slideplate throttlebody is under work, and will be finished in few weeks. I do have complete Magneti Marelli Raceplex ignition. The drysump oilpan is coming.

042 041 045

Inside the cap you can see screws, and if you look to the holes of ignition leads you can see the spike ends of the screws. The terminals cannot fall off cause of the screws.

010 013

The box on right is the rev limiter, in the middle are the brains, and coild is on the left. Another picture underside. Luckily I do have a works wiring diagram for the Raceplex.

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