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I built this car with my co-driver at 1995 and drew first rallies at 1996. In the beginning it was a very low budget rallycar having stock gearbox and suspension bought from anywhere I could get parts cheap. Allthough low budget we could drive good results with it. When the years went by, we updated practicly everything. The last version was a real rallycar. I had a terrible last year when I was rallying. Practicly everything went wrong and I was so frustrated I had to let it go. After that I built a endurance circuit racer from a BMW 325i. Here you can see how the rallycar was at its last specs.

Naantali_F-cup_3_pakattu Naantali_F-cup_2_pakattu

  • We coulndt use engine cover (scoop), because of Finnish rally regulations. Also mudguards must be steel, except the fender extensions. We did have rear brake air inducts, and rear bumper cover. It took one year to weld it together, and two m2 steel! Its been made from a normal 2d body.

Virrat_01_oikeakylki_UJ Virrat_01_ylinypyn_vas_kyl

Engine (last EVO engine)


  • Fiat Croma block with 131 lightened crank (2kg off)
  • Scat 6,0″  H-profile race rods wiht ARP bolts
  • Wiseco 87mm forged pistons, custom production
  • Wiseco “Chevy” piston pins
  • Spiro-lock piston pin circ clips
  • Total Seal TS1 “zero gap” piston rings (1,0mm 1,2mm 2,8mm)
  • “oil scraper” taking oil fog away from rotating crank/rods
  • “total” sump, between block and sump keeping oil where it belong to
  • oilspray valves pointed under the pistons
  • hard engine mountings
  • aluminum crank pulley diameter 100mm
  • custom made steel waterpump pulley 90mm

Dsc00504 Dsc01183


  1. Old engine version with carburettors
  2. EVO block going together with CroMo flywheel and Sachs MFX cluch
  3. Croma block dont have alternator bracket, so it had to be done

Dsc01293 Dsc01294

Engine assembly first tests to see how it fits to the engine bay


  • made by Esatech (Finland)
  • 46mm intake and 38,5mm exhaust valves
  • max flow with max lift 230hp (Superflow 10″ bench)
  • cams are made by Kylmäkoski Special-engine (Finland) and are 320deg 12,8mm lift
  • adjustable aluminum pulleys
  • Arrow Precision steel followers
  • Titanium retainers with ultra light Peugeot adjusting plates (under 1g each)
  • copper flame rings in grooves at block
  • 12,9 grade cylinderhead bolts

Dsc01284 Dsc01288

Dsc00635 Dsc01290


  1. Compression chamber
  2. intake valve from port side
  3. Arrow Precision solid lifter buckets
  4. Made in Finland 320deg cams with the solid buckets, valve clearance is adjusted under the bucket



  • 2×45 DCOE Dbilas throttlebodies with 45mm long Pipercross rampipes
  • PBS intake manifold
  • single piece Pipercross aircleaner
  • three-layer Malpassi adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • one piece fuel rail with fuel pressure gauge
  • Aeroquip and Earl fuelhoses
  • Link plus fully adjustable sequential injection and wasted spark ignition
  • Bosch igniter and coil
  • Magnecor KV 85 custom made racewires
  • RR-Exhaust 4-1 header, 2,5″ exhaust pipe and LARGE silencer
  • large oilcooler with thermostat, Kendall GT-1 20w-50 oils
  • Moroso 1,5″ quart oil accumulator


Dsc01345 kone_paalta

Dsc01097  paineakku


  1. cylinderblock with wiseco pistons
  2. fully assembled engine ready to drive
  3. Moroso accumulator
  4. Accumulator mounted under the intake system
  • first dynosession bench showed 199hp at rear wheel
  • calculated engine power is aprox. 210-215hp at 7300rpm
  • after 7300 power keeps at same up to over 8000
  • CR was  only 10,5-1 in the first run for safety reasons, and we made it to 12,5-1. I guess it had aprox 230hp but we never had it on dyno cause the endless problems.


lappikset2 Link_ruiskun_boxi_ja_ohjauslaatikot


  1. Dbilas throttlebodies and Pipercross rampipes
  2. Link Plus injection system, direct spark and injection


Transmission & clutch

  • Volvo M-47 5-speed dog clutch straight gear (SF-pyörä)
  • 200mm Sachs MFX three piece pressure plate (2600g)
  • three wing stiff copper plate (750g)
  • CroMo flywheel with late type light ring gear (3750g)
  • Sachs release bearing (modified for MFX pressure plate)
  • I have changed it to hydraulic operating (originally cable)
  • Kendall 75W-90 Elite synthetic oil
  • CroMo studs at crank-flywheel
  • clutchfork-transmission joint modified to uniball joint

Gear ratios and top speeds are (with 5,38-1 final drive, 7300rpm (top power), 65cm wheel);

1.     2,3           72 km/h

2.     1,54       108 km/h

3.     1,23       135 km/h

4.     1,0         167 km/h

5.     0,93       179 km/h

Dsc01020 Dsc01022 Dsc01477 Dsc00500_small

  1. CroMo flywheel
  2. with MFX pressure plate
  3. hydraulic clutch
  4. flywheel studs (before shortening)


Rear axle

  • Volvo 5,38 (Dana)
  • limited slip (Dana)
  • Kendall limited slip oil




  • Lancia HF Delta Integrale ventilated discs at front and drilled Regata 100S discs at back
  • Wilwood Dynalite II four piston front calipers
  • Wilwood Single two piston rear calipers
  • pedal box with Girling cylinders (adjustable balance)
  • Wilwood brake pressure adjuster in rear brake line
  • hydraulic handbrake with Girling cylinder (uses same caliber than brakes)
  • Ferodo DS 2000 brake pads
  • Motul 600RBF race brake fluid
  • steelreinforced brake hoses

Dsc00760 Dsc00761




  • original Abarth g.4 adjustable struts
  • Bilstein absorber, shimmed and serviced with Öhlins oil by Kittelä Rallysystems
  • double pen-spring
  • no roll bar
  • Abarth style lower arms with uniball joints
  • alloy hub



Frontbrakes, aluminum center, Abarth strut and Bilstein insert and adjustable upper mounting for shockabosber, also reinforced with cromo steel plate



  • WP double adjustable shockabsorbers
  • progressive springs
  • fourlink
  • Watt-link by Sellholm (Sweden)
  • all uniball
  • even the axle is stiff Volvo, it have been made to have toe in and caster
  • WP absorber in parts and fully ready




  • -78  1,6 2d
  • Abarth front- rear- and roofspoiler, also mudguards and rear bumper hole cover and brake air intakes
  • Weight 1000 kg without drivers and fuel
  • 54% of weight in front axle, 46% rear axle, measured without drivers

To protect my precious engine… 10kg aluminum



  • two Cobra fiberglass seats
  • two Willans 3″ six point seat belts with pilot locks
  • two Peltor G7 openface helmets
  • Autometer 5″ silver Monster rpm gauge with large shift light
  • VDO oil and water temperature gauges
  • mechanical Yazaki oil pressure gauge
  • FMI 20led lambda meter
  • Terratrip 303 trip
  • Terraphone Clubman
  • OMP map light
  • Sony 8mm incar camera
  • Luisi suede steering wheel

Kaavi_01_uusi_look_1 Kaavi_01_uusi_look_2


  • pressure regulator and fuel pressuregauge in engine bay
  • 30 litre gasoline tank (Fiat 600 original)
  • gasoline inlet through trunk cover
  • MSD fuelpump
  • Russell fuel filter

Lights, wheels and stuff..

  • 2x Bosch Rallye 225 spotlights ja 2x Bosch Rallye 225 longbeams, all with Sparco 130W bulps
  • 8x 6″x15″ Compomotive MO wheels
  • Iskra 65Ah alternator, its not enough, all electrical equipment together makes 85Ah

I sold the car in pieces. The body and some of the engine parts went to a friend of mine. He has done a great work with the car and has been winning rallies for years with the car!

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