G1 TO?

Many have tried to find The First ever built g.4 131. Well, I found it. Abarth used G numbers to identify the cars. The number is kind of a works team serial number.  I checked all my papers all over again, and noticed that in the homologation papers is a pic of G1…

002 003 004 005

Its very likely that all of these pictures are from the G1. You can see its in Oliofiat stickers and paintings. Too bad the plate doesnt show. The gearstick cover was different in these early versions. The later types had different,all smooth from the top. The mudguards look like wider version, so maybe this isnt one of the Morocco cars? Who knows.



006 This picture may not be from the same car, its couple of pages further. As you can see, this is propably from one of the Morocco cars. Morocco cars had this aircleaner setup. The early throttlebodies were like DCOE carburettors, they actually have the same bolt pattern. The throttlebodies had their own aircleaners behind driving lights, the large hoses guide air to the throttles. In other rallies they didnt use aircleaners at all.


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