131 Stradale

Fiat 131 Abarth    P-131-abarth

Published at Geneva Motor show, march 1976, four seater 2d saloon. 75% of parts are same as in other production models.

Price in Italy at 1976 9.086.000 lires (2d 131 with 1,3 engine was 2.296.000 lires)

Made only 1975-1976

  • -76   Aproximately 400 Abarths were made. Fiberglass parts were made and fit to body by Bertone. After that body went to Fiat factory at Rivalta. 350 were sold by Italian Fiat dealers, 50 were given to Abarth for competition use.
  • 51x007
  • -78   They planned to make 5000 more because of g.1 rally regulations. This never happened due the cost of cars.



  • 0 – 100 km/h 8,2s
  • top speed 191-200km/h (varies between sources)
  • 0-400m (1/4 mile) 15,3 s
  • 0-1000m 28,66-29,4 s (varies between sources)
  • weight 980kg (fully laden)
  • front track 1460mm, rear 1456mm, wheel base 2490mm
  • height 1360mm, wideness 1720mm, width 4190mm



type 131 AR

designed by Bertone

all visible to outside is made of fiberglass, except roof, doors and area between rear lights are steel.

It had rpm gauge, clock and adjustable steering wheel.




type 131 AR.000

1995cc 84mm bore, 90mm stroke, cast iron block, pistons had little dome for CR

compression ratio 10,3-1

16 valve aluminum head, valves in 45 deg

  •  34,5 mm inlet valve
  •  28,5 mm exhaust valve
  • lift 9,9 mm
  • inlet port dia. 25mm
  • exhaust port dia. 23 mm

output 140 bhp/din at 6400rpm, torque 17,5 kg/din at 3600rpm

one Weber 34 ADF carburetor (34/34)

no oil cooler, wet sump

4-1 exhaust with 49mm pipe, two silencers



OEM gearbox is dogclutch, many cars were fitted later with synchro gearboxes due to difficult use and noise. Some sources say that synchro version was same as in other models but with specially hardened gears.

Clutch 230mm

5-speed Fiat


1. 3,612

2. 2,045

3. 1,357

4. 1,000

5. 0,870

Final drive 3,9 (39/10). ZF limited slip was optional.




Front; Independent wishbones, torque reaction arms, anti rollbar,McPherson type absorber/spring

Rear;  Independent, trailing arms, antirollbar, coil springs, McPherson type absorber/spring. Fiat tested also DeDion type rear axle, but noticed it terrible!

Wheels alloy Chromodora 15×7″ , Pirelli P7 195/50 VR 15 tires

In one article reporter said that anti rollbars are adjustable in street version too. It is propably possible to move the suspension mounting on the rollbar.




turning circle 10,6 m, steering wheel turns 3,4 rounds




4 x discs, mechanical handbrake

Front caliber with one 48mm piston, disc dia. 227mm

Rear caliber with one 34mm piston, disc dia 227mm


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