G? TON 67714

In the beginning there were a lot of cars which dont match to any late cars. This is one of those really weird cars. When Fiat visited first time in international rally, they chose the 1976 Rally du Maroc. They rallied with three separate cars TON 72918, TON 72919 and TON 72920 in that rally. What makes this weird is that they had fourth car there with license plate TON 67714. I havent seen that license plate anywhere else. What is this car? Please help me.

Its also possible the car in the picture has somekind of temporary plates. If you look closely it looks like the N67714 is different colour to TO part of plate. Or is this normal way to make plates at 1976 in Italy?

131AbarthMaroc76 Alen in the white T-shirt on right.

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