Ebrus 131 Rally g.4
Giuseppes 131 Rally
Halit race car
Azmans replica
Mick Wood g.4



Send me picture of your 131 Abarth/Replica/Rally/Race, and I will put it in this gallery. mail(at)131abarth.com


Original Fiat 131 Abarths

131inUK01.jpg (65156 bytes)                  131Rally2_fixattu.jpg (45429 bytes)                        abarth2.jpg (37785 bytes)

Kuniyuki Hishinuma                             Tomoo Tezuka                                 Erbinel Bulent

Great Britain/Japan                              Japan                                               Schwitzerland


131_Abarth.JPG (42543 bytes)                vinosti_edesta.jpg (69111 bytes)                            abarth11.jpg (321030 bytes)

Fabio Gementi                                    Toshiya Nakabayashi                     Khosro Sadri

Italy                                                        Japan                                                 Iran

Original Fiat 131 Abarth rallycars

vas_edesta.jpg (95625 bytes)        oikealta_takaa.jpg (78600 bytes)

Ebru Tasanyurek

He has this amazing original 131 Abarth g.4 in Turkey, as you can see this is light asphalt version, with larger arches.


Here is Giuseppe Miliani´s 131 Rally This is beautifully restored and fully original. See his own page.

Mick Wood´s beautifull g.4 tarmac car. See his own page too.

Andrea Guggiari´s g.4

Fiat 131 Abarth replicas

David_Curley_scannattu.jpg (49382 bytes)                     Norski_poja_sivukuva_pienitty.jpg (63646 bytes)                         Toshimafiat1.jpg (29000 bytes)

David Curley                                Petter Gabrielsen                               Katsunori Toshima

only 1 in Ireland ?!                     Norway                                                Japan


4d_vas_alempaa.jpg (72441 bytes)                     Dean_Jones_2.JPG (174220 bytes)                            Fiat131.1.jpg (121334 bytes)

Paul A. Scambler                          Dean Jones                                        Voitto Liimatainen

Australia                                        Great Britain                                      Äänekoski, Finland


azman131r.jpg (40539 bytes)

Azman Bin Abdul Manan

Malaysia, look his own page


Fiat 131 racecars

If you have 131 "Abarth" race/rallycar I can make you own underpage to this site. I wont charge anything. I hope you give very exact technical info for everybody to see.


Tuupovaara_00_Pro_vasenkylki.jpg (88061 bytes)                    bengans_fiat.jpg (523597 bytes)                                     Mal_Simmonds_NZ.jpg (164043 bytes)  

My 131 at Tuupovaara,                   Bengt Svahn                                               Peter Dudson (ex-Mal Simmonds)

                                                               rallycar g.H 2,0tc, Sweden                 racecar 2,0tc , New Zealand



radalla.jpg (31210 bytes)                          Efterjpg.jpg (51883 bytes)                                   Abarth look at rally.jpg (47770 bytes)

David Blackbeard                            Marko Vainikainen                                 Kevin Bennet

racecar 2,0 TC South-Africa          rallycar 2,0tc, Sweden                           rallycar 2,0tc, g.?, New Zealand

                                                             now updated to Abarth!



Anders_iskettaa_ruottissa_netti.jpg (201724 bytes)                                    P1183908.jpg (185058 bytes)                                 Markus_Siebert_Racing_edesta.jpg (40611 bytes)

Anders Nilsson                                     Here it comes...                                     Markus Siebert

rallycar, Sweden                                  It will have full set of fenders           rallycar 2,0tc, Germany

this picture is from year -86                                                                               120hp engine

but now he has new project....


Rally_Right.jpg (109932 bytes)                            Mortenin_pienitty.jpg (67019 bytes)                                           lumella_vas.jpg (25792 bytes)

Matt Brewster                                 Poul Larsen                                                 Petri Juupajärvi

rallycar, Seattle USA                      rally-cross 2,0tc, Denmark                      2,0tc, rallycar

not in use after -90                                                                                              +200hp, dogclutch....

but coming....                                                                                                        Finland



TOAD_AT_DONNINGTON_700PXL.JPG (414798 bytes)                            esab96.jpg (41588 bytes)                        raisio0301.jpg (44186 bytes)

Roger Lyndhurst                            Arne Nörager                                   Kimmo Reunanen

race 131 "Toad", England            g.H rallycar 2,0 TC, +200hp          2,1 TC g.F rallycar

Lancia Delta 16V technique       Colotti dogbox... Sweden              Finlands finest???


bil5.jpg (51312 bytes)

Bosse Hårdén

237hp, rallycar