This beautifully restored 131 Rally is original g.4 factory team car, and now in Italy. Giuseppe dont speak very much english, so I dont have much information of the car, but let pictures do the talking !

It looks like to be one of those earlier version cars. That can be seen from front strut upper mounting. They used lifted type later. If mudguard flashers are original, they are about -77 type. Earlier they used street type flasher. I cannot say about engine if its 215hp or 230hp, the best way to find that out would be to check if it has dry sump. But pictures dont show that. But it sure has Kugelfischer mechanical injection as original did, also very nice looking fuel tank. Only thing I find that is propably attached later, is oil cooler, original had it too, bat that looks very new.







Thanks for Giuseppe for pictures, if you find more, please send them too to everyone to see!!