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Some new updates

Im trying to make updates as quickly as possible. Im testing different ways on making the updates. By changing the actual page, or posting a “post” or posting a “comment”. Ill figure out what would be the best way to make it clear.



Rally Corsa pages

Im going to make a page for every works team car. The subpages will be under “131 Rally Corsa” page. The cars had a unique G-numbering showing the Abarth “serial”number for a team cars. I have done a lot of research trying to find them all, but I still have some missing. There may also be mistakes in my studies, so please, let me know if you know better. I will start making the pages in next few weeks. If there is a G number missing, then I dont know which car it was. Its propable that some of the cars never were used on rallying, and were only used for testing.

The “official” Fiat 131 Abarth knowledgebase is now reborne.

Welcome to updated

Site has been the best 131 abarth source for ten years. It was outdated in style and technique for a while. Now, thanks to WordPress, its up to date again.

The motivation to rebuild the page came when I started to build my own g.4 historic rallycar. Along with the information of works cars goes my story “how to build a g.4 131 rallycar”. All these together will give you a experience you cant find anywhere else.