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22.6.2014 Abarth parts for sale!

I have quite a lot of parts which I have made for my project. I always make several parts when I start making some. So, e-mail me and ask what ever you may need.

30.4.2014 Updating is starting now

I moved the website to another provider. After that I havent got in to my own page, until now. From this date I will start updating all of my pages. So, check my page often!

I have started using Adsense adds for funding my website costs. Please, look a the adds, maybe you find something interesting for you! The rising interest on my page makes rising costs too.

New update 11.8.2013 at Body page

New update 24.6.

Some new pictures on my g.4 project body page.

131 Stradale, 031 and 035 pages are updated

Those pages didnt have any pictures. I actually forgot to put the pictures to those pages, sorry. I think there is some new pictures now. Some that are not so often seen elsewhere.

Major updates on 131 Rally Corsa page

Ive been updating the Rally Corsa page with new pictures. Note: ITS NOT READY, It will take time to fully update the page so you better check it daily to see all updates.

Most of the pictures are back

Due the hijack the page had only few pictures. Now all the pictures are back on my project g.4 pages.

Next larger update is to rewrite the Rally Corsa technical pages. I will put lots of new tech pictures, and some new detailed information.

Pics are gone for a while

Due the hacking Ive lost all images at the site. So please, be patient. I need to upload them back. Hopefully tomorrow at latest all pics are back.

Website hacked!

Well, this was an important lesson. So, thanks for this hijacking… It took for a while to understand what has to be done. It will take this evening to restore everything. Sorry for this.


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